What We Do

Crown Reduction and Thinning


Crown Reduction
Reduction of the height and/or spread of the tree through proper pruning practices.


Crown Thinning
Removes mostly secondary branches from throughout the crown without reducing the extent of it.



Tree Pruning


Crown Lifting
Raising the canopy of the tree. Crown Lifting is the selective pruning/removal of lower branches to increase the distance between the ground level and the lower crown and is normally used to give a uniform height. This process is normally carried out where there is a need to clear footpaths, roads, gardens, signs.


Dead wooding is defined as the removal from the tree of dead, dying or diseased branchwood, broken branches or stubs left from previous tree surgery operations and from within any cavities within the tree. 



Tree Removal


Tree Felling/Sectional dismantal
The removal of a tree/s to leave a stump. It is sometimes necessary to remove a tree if it is dead or dangerous and this can be removed as one piece or many, depending of the site location/layout.



Mulching and Chipper Hire


Whether its trees we have pruned or removed for you, or trees you have cut down yourself, we offer a complete wood chipping service.



Mulch Sales


We offer mulch sales at reasonable prices.



Chainsaw and Operator Hire


You can hire skilled staff with years of experience operating chainsaws to cut up any old timber or trees you have laying around on your property.



Land Clearing



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